Biagio Caruana Marsigliese (Roma, 1952)

Beautiful instrument by the great lute-maker from Santa Elisabetta(Agrigento), where he was born in 1885. In 1905 he established in Rome to study the double-bass; it was in this town that his passion for lute-making started. In 1949, in Cremona, he received a golden medal for a wonderful double-bass, still visible at the Cremona Stradivarian Museum. During that year he made 16 double-basses, one of which used by Isaia Billè. The instrument you see in this page denotes a strong personality, a beautiful carved scroll, a well-proportioned shape of refined taste, "ff" holes at the right place, a warm, doughy varnish.

Soundboard length: 110,5 cm
Diapason: 59,5 cm

This instrument is owned by Prof. Christian Ciaccio.
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