Sergio Scaramelli I started studying the double-bass when I was 12. The following year I couldn't resist the temptation to open up my double-bass and see how the inside was made. Then I wasn't able to close it, so I went to Gaetano Pareschi's workshop: he was the violin-maker working in Ferrara in that period. I also had to take him the double-basses from the Conservatory to be repaired; so I often went to his workshop and I was fascinated by it...while he tore his hair out in desperation every time he saw me coming in! It was in these moments that I understood it would be my job one day.
When I was 19 I qualified with full marks at the Conservatory "Girolamo Frescobaldi" in Ferrara with Master Filippo Francesconi (1st double-bass at Bologna Comunale Theatre) and later I improved my tecnique with other Masters like Sergio Grazzini, Wolfgang Guttler, Ludwig Streicher...
Then I devoted myself to my career as a musician and to teaching, but I didn't neglect instrument restoration. sergio scaramelli I decided then to make my first double-bass (thanks to my friend Master Luthier Alessandro Ciciliati for the encouragement he gave me)and, having achieved a good result, the next step was to open my own workshop to devote myself exclusively to the violin-making and restoration.
During my career as a violin-maker I have restored prestigious instruments by Italian masters of different periods: Marconcini, Soffritti, Gotti, Pareschi, Orselli, Carletti, Marcucci, Cavani, Utili, Dodi (photo), Bonetti, Piccagliani, Monterumici, Martoni, Paganini, Lacchini, Contavalli, Capelli; e poi Altavilla, Casalini, Goffriller (photo) Tarantino, Candi, Castagnino, Chiocchi, Curletto, Degani, Ferrari, Ferrarotti, Gaibisso, Loveri, Marchetti, Martini, Michetti, Mingo, Pedrazzini, Rocca, Scarampella, Sgarbi, Troiano, Zamberti, Arienti, Testore (photo); e ancora Dollenz, Pallotta, Postacchini, Storioni (photo), Lecchi, Vangelisti, Grancino, Signorini, Bergonzi (photo), Cerutti, Galliano, Marcolongo, Marsigliese, Dal Piana, Gabrielli, Piattellini, Ventapane, Baldantoni,Maggini, Mariani, Vinatari, Landolfi, Ugar, Calace, Battioni, Ungarelli, Rossi, Tiliseo, Cavallini (photo), Tononi, Pasqualon, Candi... to the most important of all: the Gasparo da SalÚ (1590), owned by Domenico Dragonetti.

Scaramelli - Photo by Libero Lanzilotta I received awards and rewards in major international lute-making competitions. I make my instruments on personal models following the lines of the Ferrara tradition in violin-making.

I took part in several violin-making competitions:
  • 1997 Cremona International Competition:
    I received a mention of honour for the best double-bass.
  • 1999 Baveno National Competition: I received a silver medal for the best double-bass.
  • 2001 Baveno National Competition: I received a silver medal for the best double-bass.
  • 2009 ISB Double Bass Makers Competition in Pennsylvania, USA: I received a Certificate of Tone.
  • 2011 ISB Double Bass Makers Competition in San Francisco, USA: I received a Certificate of Tone.
  • 2012 The Violin Society of America in Cleveland, USA: I received a Certificate Of Merit For Workmanship.
  • 2014 ISB Bass Maker Competition in Amsterdam (Almere). I received the second prize.
  • 2016 ISB Bass Maker Competition in Praga: I attended as a member of the jury.
  • 2016 Rome International Competition: I received the silver medal.
  • 2018 ISB Bass-Maker Competition in Lucca. I attended as Jury President.
I also lectured at important seminars on double-bass and Ferrara lute-making.