Paolo Bassi Solarolo 1930


Morizot Doublebass Bow

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French Doublebass

Vibrating string length: 104 cm.
Soundboard length: 114 cm.

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Luigi Lacchini made in S. Patrizio (RA) 1925

Dark, warm, deep sounding Doublebass.
Vibrating string length:105 cm.
Very well kept, recently restored. The brilliant sound quality, the shape and size make this instrument suitable for solo playing too.

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Martini Oreste made in Mantova anno 1937

For professionals, a true rarity.
Vibrating string: 107 cm. More pictures on request.

Tarantino Marino made in Napoli 1960

In perfect conditions, with removable extension.
Vibrating string: 106 cm.

Enrico Orselli, Ferrara 1922

Perfectly kept instrument, very high level sound.
Soundboard length: 111 cm.; vibrating string length: 106 cm.

Baldantoni Giuseppe fecit Ancona 1858

You can try this historical double bass, that belonged to the famous soloist Stefano Scodanibbio, in my workshop.
Body length: 109 cm; string length: 104,5 cm. Very nice sound.